Intruder is surveillance transmitter with unlimited range. It is based on newest GSM and GPRS tehnology, and alows you to listen what is happening in your office, home or car when you are on hollydays thousands mille away. You must only put a regular SIM card in intruder, and device is ready for use. From any kind of telephone ( fixed or cellular) call SIM card number, and listen what is happening in Intruders enviroment. Intruder is equiped with a supersensitive microphone, and alows you to hear even a vhisper 15 meters away

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VT-500 Device is suitable for mobile use. It consists of central unit and separated supersensitive microphone for better audibility. It is ideal to be placed into wehicle, apartment or office. VT-500 is equiped with accu bateries and have up to 7 days lifetime.


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VT-500RC Intruder is covered in complete functional regular radio clock No bateries is required ,with unlimited durability. It is suitable for discrete surveillance apartments or office.



SPY PHONE - Best person spying device on world

The telephone is programmed with a telephone number and when anyone calls the spyphone, it rings and operates as a normal telephone but when the phone is called using the previously programmed spyphone number, it automatically answers without any ringing or lights and the display appears as if it is on ordinary standby... More info..






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